Thứ Bảy, 15 tháng 9, 2018

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies rebound at the end of weekly trading and talk about regulation in Europe

Cryptocurrencies rebounded on Friday as the CEO of Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange criticized the lack of regulation in the EU.

Overall currencies were highly valued, with a market capitalization of $ 199 billion at the time of writing, compared to $ 197 billion on Thursday.

  • Bitcoin rose 0.13% to $ 6,467.60 on the Pittsburgh Stock Exchange as of 13:04 GMT.
  • The Etherum or Ether, the second-largest alternative currency by market value, rose 5.02% to $ 208.52.
  • XRP, the third largest virtual currency, rose 0.52% to $ 0.27610 .
  • while the Litcoin recorded $ 53.664, down 0.20%.
Nik Kwan, chief executive of the Czech stock exchange in Gibraltar, said the lack of regulation in the EU had a negative impact on industry.
"The absence of coded regulations at the EU level is a deterrent to collective innovation and will continue to hinder the use of technology by major financial service providers in the future," he told Cryptovest.
His comments came after news this week that regulators in the EU are waiting for the digital currency to be organized so regulators can analyze the market. With the popularity of virtual currencies rising, governments around the world are having difficulty responding. So far there are no comprehensive laws in the EU regarding the processes of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the technology behind the Betquin.
On Wednesday, French legislators passed a law setting guidelines for initial currency offers, enabling the financial regulator of the AMF to approve and issue permits to companies offering ICO offices.

Yahoo and Cryptocurrencies

In other news, Yahoo broke into the world of Cryptocurrency, and after that, the company reported statistics on Bitquin Cash and the Atrium Classic, although the ability to trade is limited to the mentioned currencies.
 The platform added four cryptocurrencies available for circulation are Betquin and Lithium Ethylene